about me.


my story.

my name is oliver szep, a luxembourg based photographer. 


i've been always working with numbers and excel sheets in the rational world of the financial industry. but in parallel my photographer journey started 6 years ago when i bought my first camera. it was just a basic milc, however i realized this was not just a hobby but something more where i can use my creativity.

since 6 years, my camera has been always with me wherever i went and i have been always looking for special moods, compositions and colors. meanwhile i started to upgrade my equipments with professional gears to bring a maximum to my pictures.

the real turning point was the first wedding i shot in the summer of 2020 which was a fantastic experience for me. the positive feedbacks gave me the motivation to continue this journey where i can meet couples opened to novelties, unique locations and special decorations and of course looking for some creative and emotional photos.

if you find interesting my portfolio, just drop me an e-mail. i speak french and english.